About Us

Professional Caregivers in Houston, Texas

We are a Texas-based agency that was established with the sole purpose of helping families manage their care needs and make their lives more comfortable in their daily living activities.

Located in Houston, Texas, AG Eunice International Care Agency is a non-medical care agency serving seniors, children, individuals with special needs, including children who need babysitting. We focus our main service on helping our clients with their day-to-day activities. Through our care, we aim to make an impact in the lives of our clients with improved independence and an enhanced quality of life.

Mission Statement
AG Eunice International Care Agency aims to make a difference in the lives of families by providing them the opportunity to live a quality life at home through our exceptional non-medical care services.

We envision to be one of the top choices of trusted care agencies in Houston, Texas.

To truly live our mission, we focus on a client-centered approach to our brand of care. We understand that each of our clients has different health requirements and personal demands and preferences, which is why we take time in understanding and assessing their needs. As such, this practice will allow us to craft a care plan that best suits our clients.

We have also equipped our agency with compassionate and reliable professional caregivers in Houston, Texas, to ensure that our care will be delivered effectively and successfully. Each of our employees has undergone a strict hiring process with multiple background checks including personal interviews. We also make sure that they will remain efficient in their service as we regularly perform employee evaluations and provide caregiver training.

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