Fall Prevention Tips for Seniors at Home


Falling is one of the leading causes of accidents in seniors all over the world. This is because of their fragile bodies. A little fall for younger adults can be dangerous for them. This is because as we age, we slowly lose our sense of balance. To help keep your loved one safe, here are some tips you can do at home:

  • Ensure that all the areas of the home have ample lighting.
    Since most seniors have poor eyesight, it is essential to find ways for them to see their surroundings clearly to avoid accidents.
  • The house should always be organized and free of clutter.
    Do not leave cables, wires, and small objects in walkways. Organize your senior’s essentials in easy-to-reach shelves and cabinets.
  • Install grab bars, handlebars, and support bars in bathrooms.
    The bathroom is usually wet, which causes even younger adults to slip. It is also full of hard surfaces so, if a senior slips, they might incur injuries.
  • One of the best tips is to opt for adult care services.
    If your senior loved one is living alone or if you can’t stay at home for the whole day, hire someone else to take care of them.

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