Companion in Houston, Texas

The caregivers at AG Eunice International Care Agency are committed to providing their warm loving presence to our senior patients.

Many seniors prefer to live alone to maintain their independence. However, a loss of a spouse, mobility issues, incontinence issues, and more can lead to social isolation. It is a fact that isolation at home with no one around in company can increase the risk of depression. The feeling of loneliness negatively affects the mental and physical health of the elderly.

That is why at AG Eunice International Care Agency, we have caregivers who can offer companionship services to these individuals. Aside from their friendly presence, they can also help the patient with personal tasks, but their main purpose is to spend time with the client.

Here are the services offered under this program:

  • Socialization
  • Playing games
  • Taking safety precautions
  • Accompanying for a walk
  • Assistance in pet care
  • And more