Discipline Tricks More Nannies Should Know About


It can be hard to look after other people’s kids. Not every child will be easy to deal with. Sometimes, these little cherubs turn into tiny tornados as soon as their parents leave the room.

AG EUNICE INTERNATIONAL CARE AGENCY understands that parenting may be hard without a helping hand to assist. That’s probably one of the reasons why parents are looking for Nannies in Houston, Texas: to help them raise their spirited child.

As Professional Caregivers in Houston, Texas, we know a thing or two about keeping rambunctious kids in line. So here are a few tips that you can try out!

  • Focus on behavior
    No matter what conflict it is, always focus on the child’s behavior, and not the child itself. For instance, if the kids you’re looking after are fighting over the remote, take the item away and explain why you did so.
  • Keep it cool
    Some kids love to push buttons. Some have even turned it into an art form. What’s important is you keep a cool head when dealing with difficult behavior. This not only shows them that you’re in charge, but that they can’t walk over you just because you’re their nanny.
  • Praise the positives
    Children love to get praise from adults. Praising the child for their good behavior makes them realize that this is the right way to behave. As a Nanny in Texas, you should also be sure to only use this technique when dealing with positive behaviors. If they are acting out, try to turn a blind eye and send a signal that such behavior won’t work.

We hope these tips work. If you have questions or need Special Needs Care, just email us at

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