Make Children Look Forward to Mealtime


Feeding the young is sometimes a challenging task. Many activities make them lose interest in eating – particularly when they are engaged in play. So what should a Nanny in Texas do to cut this habit?

Nannies in Houston, Texas, can do fun ways to get these kids’ attention during mealtime. Below are the examples:

  • Have a variety of foods.

    Select from different food groups and make sure they are balanced. Correct portions of carbohydrates, protein, and other nutrients can keep children healthy and energized. Keep it colorful and full of nutrition.

  • Be playful and creative.

    Many kids are picky eaters, and that is why you have to be resourceful and creative. Cut pieces of fruits and vegetables into different shapes and sizes. Decorate food and arrange them beautifully. You can definitely wow these little ones with these.

  • Let them help you prepare.

    Give tasks to kids as simple as placing tableware, mixing doughs, and shaping their foods. These little responsibilities can give them a sense of pride and joy.

Being Professional Caregivers in Houston, Texas, is not hard when you know how to get the kids’ attention and interest. It takes a lot of effort and patience at first – but will become very rewarding afterward – especially when you see them develop a sense of responsibility and discipline not only in eating but towards many things.

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